Muscle Wrist Band

Muscle Wrist Band

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People couldn’t believe it when they heard the news about me competing in Pro Bodybuilding competitions as a vegan. I had my own doubts in the beginning, but I knew that if I never gave it a shot, I’d live my life with regrets.

After sharing my story, my physique began to get noticed in vegan and bodybuilding communities. I wanted to let the world know that you can have 0% meat and still build 100% muscle.

“You don't eat meat? How do you build all that muscle?”

These bands make a statement that building muscle as a vegan can be done, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to farm animal sanctuaries. We can help animals and those that tirelessly work to keep them safe. Let the world know that you eat 0% meat and build 100% muscle.


  • silicone
  • 1/2 inch wide
  • ink injected
  • color placement may vary
  • one size
  • Wristband sales are final and can’t be returned
  • Production environmental offset.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Portion of the proceeds go to an animal sanctuary / animal rights organization / wildlife conservation.

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