Inspiring Stories From My Athletes

Thank You Is Not Enough!

Thanks so much to my trainer/coach Torre for pushing me so hard!!! I went from an average person to competing in multiple shows within months!

Three years ago when I began my journey into the fitness competition world, I contacted Torre with questions on where to begin. I had always worked out on & off but after having my 2nd child, I decided that I wanted to compete. I began to train with Torre in preparation for my 1st competition ever. Through his extensive knowledge of not only exercise but also nutrition, I was able to reach and bypass every goal that we ever set!

At my first show, I won my class & became a nationally qualified bikini competitor.

Torre ALWAYS encouraged me and taught me to trust the process. He never allowed me to give up and taught me that if you dream it... you can achieve it.

I value the knowledge I have from training with him because I am now able to prepare for my other competitions and also pass it along as I help others begin their fitness journey.  - Telissa Kirk


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