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Life Changing Awakening

For years, I struggled with my weight. I tried tons of diets, different exercise regimens, and nothing worked! I was overweight at 15 and that never changed until I went vegan.

The love of my life, today my husband took the before picture, we had just met, so part of my happiness was due to that. Love butterflies! Looking back at the first picture I see someone with a smile, spiritual happiness, but still lots of inner struggle. I had major food anxiety and I was always worried about how I looked although I tried not to show it. I would work out 5 days a week 3 hours a day (when the 1st picture was taken), and although I thought I was eating healthy, I learned later on that my eating habits were terrible. Knowing what I know today about nutrition, I can say that my eating habits were my greatest enemy. I was vegetarian since age 14, but I binged on cheese, ice cream, milk, fatty and oily foods. I had severe acne which I blurred out of the picture and deleted the original because I hated it. I also developed chronic knee pain during that time. I may look happy in the before picture, but I wasn't. I didn't love who I was, not only because of how I looked but more because I saw myself at the mercy of external factors. I blamed genetics since 95% of my family is overweight, the environment, etc. I hated not being able to have control over my body.

The day I went vegan, my whole life took a huge turn. True compassion towards all living beings was ignited in me and with that, I realized that I had to begin loving myself from the core. Learning the detrimental effects dairy has on the body led me to start a pivotal unlearning and relearning process which ultimately brought me to meeting Torre Washington. He's taught me so much about proper training and eating. I am beyond grateful to him for being a light in my journey to regaining control of not only my body but also my life on so many levels.

Thanks to Torre, today I can say that I have a healthy and loving relationship with food. I no longer have food anxieties and I've learned to listen to my body for what it needs, instead of what my mind wants. It's a beautiful experience that I never thought was possible. I eat anything I want (vegan), but what is different now is that I know proper portions sizes. I've learned that I don't need to eat a jug of ice cream to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Torre's training program has helped me immensely. Day by day I see muscle gains that I never thought I could have, and I've come a long way. I never thought I could actually look slim and trim without starving, living at the gym, and sacrificing a lot of things...

But today I know is possible!! And it's EASY!!! It brings me great joy to share my transformation to motivate others. It's not just about the body. It's about knowing that you literally create who you are through every choice, whether it be food, fitness, thoughts, and ideas. Everything has an immediate impact on you.

Torre is the kindest and humble person I have met in the fitness world and as a coach, Torre is exceedingly precise and knowledgeable in the programs he designs for his clients. Training with Torre is like being under surveillance; he does not lay eyes off of you. He is always watching and perfecting your form in order to get the best results.

Meeting Torre and having him as my coach has been a total Nutrition and Fitness Awakening! I can not be more grateful!  - Veronica Mejia Barney

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