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Q: I cannot open the video demos links in my Android device.

A: Make sure to open the e-book with Adobe Reader. If you don’t have Adobe Reader installed, download and install it. If you still have issues, Foxit MobilePDF reader is another app that works well for opening embedded links.

Q: I tried opening the e-book in Android, but it says it cannot open the file.

A: Open the e-book pdf file from within Adobe Reader – meaning, first open Adobe Reader, then open the file (located in the downloads folder). If you still have issues with Adobe Reader, open the e-book with Foxit MobilePDF reader.

iOS (iPhone/iPad):

Q: When viewing e-book, I cannot press the play button to watch the videos demos.

A: You are most likely viewing the e-book in Safari web browser which does not support opening PDF embedded links. If the e-book opens in Safari, tap the screen to view the option to open in iBooks. If you don’t have the iBooks app for iOS, download and install it.

Q: I downloaded the e-book, but I cannot find the downloaded item.

A: When you download a PDF in Safari, you can choose to open it in another App. When viewing the e-book PDF file in Safari, make sure to tap the screen to view the option to open in iBooks. If you closed the e-book PDF file without doing this, it gets deleted from Safari, and you will need to download it again.

Windows Mobile:

Q: I downloaded the e-book, but I’m not able to open the video demos using Adobe Reader on Windows Mobile or Windows 7/8.

A: Make sure to install the latest version of Adobe Reader. If you still have trouble viewing the video demos in the latest version of Adobe Reader, try Foxit PDF reader for MS Windows or MS Windows Mobile.


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